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by Jess, April 26, 2017

Whilst we might excel at opening a bottle of wine (or two) – and can just about master a G&T with a twist – when it comes to experimenting with more adventurous cocktails…well, we could use some help.


September brings with it a definite sense of rejuvenation. Sartorial start-overs aside (new wardrobe anyone?) we also find ourselves embracing the new. A warmer hair tone, a richer moisturiser or perhaps a new array of autumnal drinks? All over it.


So to help cure your end of summer blues, we’ve turned to Oskar Kinberg, master mixologist at the helm of effortlessly cool London drinking den, Oskar’s Bar – who’s new Cocktail Cookbook features a unique mix up of highly stylised sips. Here’s three of our favourites, plus three must-have accessories to elevate your evening attire. Just in case the mood strikes…




“An unbelievably tasty spritz with a subtle green tea finish.”


60ml/2 1⁄2 fl oz Cocchi Americano

15ml/ 2⁄3 fl oz Fresh lime juice

10ml/ 1⁄3 fl oz Green tea syrup

35ml/1 1⁄2 fl oz Aloe vera drink

Prosecco, mint sprig & cucumber slice to top


Put all ingredients except the prosecco in a wine glass. Fill the glass with cubed ice.

Stir for 4 seconds. Fill with more ice and top with prosecco.




“This is a great party cocktail. It’s easy to multiply or make in a punch bowl, and it will be loved by most people. Like a wintry Pimm’s.”


50ml/2 fl oz Sloe gin

10ml/ 1⁄3 fl oz Fresh lemon juice

10ml/ 1⁄3 fl oz Sugar syrup

15ml/ 2⁄3 fl oz Pink grapefruit juice

75ml/3 fl oz Ginger ale

Cucumber & Mint


Put the cucumber slice and the mint leaves in a wine glass. Fill it with cubed ice. Add all the other ingredients and stir for 8 seconds. Add more cubed ice.




“A very rich and juicy long drink. The big and comforting flavours are perfect for the colder part of the year.”


45ml/1 3⁄4 fl oz Scotch whisky infused with pink peppercorns

15ml/ 2⁄3 fl oz White port

15ml/ 2⁄3 fl oz Fresh lemon juice

15ml/ 2⁄3 fl oz Orgeat

25ml/1 fl oz Cranberry juice

1 Plum

Soda, mint sprig and cinnamon bark to top


Muddle the plum in the bottom of a shaker. Add all the other ingredients except the soda. Shake with cubed ice for 4 seconds. Strain into a highball full of cubed ice and top with soda.


Recipes taken from Cocktail Cookbook by Oscar Kinberg [Hyperlink to  www.quartoknows.com]

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